By boat or from the shore

Fishing on Millstätter See

The lake, situated at an elevation of around 580 meters, lies in the southwestern part of the Nockberge, nestled amidst the wooded slopes of the Millstätter Alm and the Seerücken in the south.

Covering an area of about 14 km², it stretches nearly 12 km in length and is almost 2 km wide. Due to its sheltered location, the lake warms up very quickly. In July and August, surface temperatures can even reach as much as 26 degrees Celsius.

Below the surface, the temperature decreases rapidly, and at the thermocline (depth of 8 to 15 meters), it drops to only 6 to 10 degrees. Below that, a constant temperature of 4 degrees Celsius persists throughout the year.

A general ban on motorboats and a ring sewer system further guarantee the lake's excellent water quality.

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